Is it more beneficial to eat curd or buttermilk in monsoon? What is the doctor’s opinion on this

Curd Vs ButterMilk: With the onset of monsoon season, we get respite from the summer heat. Everyone craves hot pakoras, cozy moments and tea in monsoon. Same in monsoon season  Who is better, curd or buttermilk. There is a debate on who gets more benefit from eating it. Although both curd and buttermilk have their own qualities, but in this season, to increase your health and immunity Which one should you choose? Senior Consultant (GI Surgery and Liver Transplantation) of PSRI Hospital Dr. Bhushan Bhole has shared detailed information on this topic. Let us know about this…

Which is better to eat curd or buttermilk in monsoon?

Curd-Curd Which is also known as yogurt. Milk is a type of dairy product. It is made by fermenting milk with live bacteria. Due to this, it becomes a rich source of probiotics which greatly benefits the health of your intestine. At the same time, the probiotics present in curd increase the immune response of the body. Which help prevent infections usually associated with the rainy season. Curd promotes the growth of good bacteria in the intestine, which corrects digestive disorders and eases bowel movements. Can reduce digestive disorders like constipation and diarrhea. Also Yo helps regulate body temperature and provides relief from heat related discomfort.

Buttermilk- It would not be wrong to call curd a hydration hero. This is a kind of traditional Indian beverages which is made by churning curd with water. Its tangy taste is very good. Aids in hydration in monsoon.Replenishes electrolytes lost through sweating and helps prevent dehydration.Probiotics present in buttermilk promote healthy digestion, ease indigestion and provide relief from acidity and bloating .It is a light and easily digestible drink, suitable for people with sensitive stomachs.

Which one is the winner between curd and buttermilk?

After knowing about the properties of both curd and buttermilk, it becomes quite clear that both curd and buttermilk are beneficial for maintaining good health during monsoon. While curd provides beneficial probiotics, boosts immunity and aids in digestion. Whereas buttermilk provides hydration and essential nutrients. You can include both in your monsoon diet to reap the benefits.

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