If you use this oil in daily food, then the risk of premature death will be reduced, health experts believe that the ‘elixir of health’

Health Tips : Nowadays, oil like refined and soybean is being used in food. These oils are considered dangerous for health. It has also been found in many research that  These oils badly affect the health, but among all of them there is one such oil, which is a treasure of health. Its use reduces the risk of many serious diseases. We are talking about Olive Oil. Research has found that the elements present in olive oil can reduce the risk of death from many serious diseases. Let’s know its benefits…
Lower risk of death from dementia
After studying for about 6 decades, researchers found that using one to one and a half teaspoon of olive oil daily can be tremendously beneficial in many ways. The risk of death due to dementia was found to be reduced by 4 percent in those who consumed it daily. Actually, the amount of polyphenols is found in extra-virgin olive oil. These antioxidants work to reduce the risk of inflammation and protect against many diseases related to it.
Zero risk of inflammation
Cleveland Clinic’s dietician and nutritionist Kristin Kirkpatrick says that inflammation can lay the foundation of any disease. Olive oil can be used to control or avoid it.
Heart health panacea
It was found in this research that olive oil also keeps the health of the heart healthy. Many benefits of this have been seen. The European Food Safety Authority has approved a certain amount of polyphenol intake to reduce heart-related problems. Researchers found that people who started eating olive oil every day for 3-4 years already had a lower risk of bad cholesterol and diseases related to it.
What the experts say 
In this research, the researchers found that extra-virgin olive oil can reduce the risk of death not only for dementia and heart but also from many other diseases. Apart from this, it can also work wonders in diabetes. Fasting blood sugar and insulin resistance have also been seen to decrease due to its consumption. Experts say that if 25 grams or less than two tablespoons of olive oil is used in food every day, then the risk of type-2 diabetes decreases by about 22%. 
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