Hariyali Teej 2023: Apply beautiful henna on your hands on Hariyali Teej, see the latest designs here

Hariyali Teej Mehndi Design: Every year at the beginning of Sawan The fragrance of the festivals falling in Sawan starts spreading to all the four. One of the special festivals is the festival of Hariyali Teej. This year Hariyali Teej will be celebrated on 19th August. On Teej, women adorn themselves and apply henna and swing on swings.  Let us know why applying henna is special on Teej, why do women apply henna on this festival and see the latest beautiful designs of henna.

The festival of Teej is such a festival for which women wait for the whole year. On the day of Teej, there is special importance of dressing up and doing Solah Shringar. Mehndi has special importance in Solah Shringar on this day.


This year Hariyali Teej will be celebrated on 19 August 2023, a Saturday. Hariyali Teej falls on Titriya Tithi of Shravan month. It is considered very auspicious to do sixteen adornments on this day. It is also very auspicious to apply henna on this day.


It is believed that by applying henna on the day of Teej, the life of the husband is long. The festival of Teej is empty without henna. That is why women make special preparations for this day and keep a fast on this day.


Shiv ji is also worshiped along with Mother Parvati on the day of Teej. It is believed that on the day of Hariyali Teej, Mother Parvati and Lord Shiva met again.


On this day, along with married women, unmarried girls also fast, so that they can get a skilled groom. So you can also see beautiful henna designs here and observe Teej fast for the long life of your husband.


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