Hanuman Ji: Reciting Bajrang Baan on Tuesday makes Hanuman ji happy, troubles go away

Bajrang Baan Paath: According to the beliefs of Sanatan tradition, Hanuman ji is the only deity who still roams the earth with his body. Bajrang Bali is believed to get rid of all his devotees from diseases, problems, troubles and obstacles. By worshiping them, a person’s self-confidence increases, one gets freedom from fear and there is auspiciousness in life.

Devotees duly worship Hanumanji to please him and fulfill all their wishes. Along with reciting Hanuman Chalisa, reciting Bajrang Baan is also recognized for the fulfillment of all desires and freedom from fear. Along with reciting Chalisa of Hanuman ji, recitation of Bajrang Baan is considered the key to get blessings. Regular recitation of Bajrang Baan ends the defects of Mars in the horoscope. The obstacles in marriage are removed. In case of serious diseases, it provides relief or cure. The person starts getting good successes in the workplace. There is an increase in respect in the society and Vastu defects are over. Let us know the lesson of Bajrang Baan. 

Doha "

Jai Hanumant saint beneficial. Please listen to our prayers.

Don’t delay the work of the people. Eagerly give great happiness.

Like Kudi Sindhu Mahi Para. Sursa Badan Pathi Vistara..

Go ahead, stop Lankini. Marehu lat gayi sur loka..

Jai gave happiness to Vibhishan. Sita Nirkhi Parampad Linha.

Bagh Ujari Sindhu Mahan Bora. Very eager Jamkatar Tora.

Akshay Kumar was killed. loom wrap lunk ko jara.

Lah Saman Lunk Jari Gayi. Jai Jai Dhuni Surpur Mein Brother.

Now delay some reason sir. Please bless ur Antaryami.

Jai Jai Laxman, the giver of life. Everyone is eager to get rid of their sorrows.

Hail Giridhar, Hail Sukhsagar. Sur Group Samarth Bhatnagar..

Om Hanu Hanu Hanumant Hathile. Bairihin Maru Bajra Ki Keele.

Hit the thunderbolt with mace. Save Maharaj Prabhu Das.

Shout Lord, run. Don’t delay in bringing thunder mace.

Om Hree Hree Hree Hanumant Kapisa. Om hun hun hun hanu ari ur sheesha.

Satya Hohu Hari Swearing By. May Ramdoot be killed.

Jai Jai Jai Hanumant Agadha. People who get hurt have some crimes.

Pooja Japa Tapa Nem Achara. I don’t know, I am your slave.

Forest garden, Mag Girgriha Mahi. We are not afraid of you.

Let’s celebrate by crossing our legs. Let’s take this opportunity a bit longer.

Hail Anjanikumar Balwanta. Shankarsuvan Veer Hanumanta..

Body Karal Kaal Kul Ghalak. Ram Sahay is always a guardian.

ghost ghost vampire nocturnal. Agni Betal Kaal Mari Mar.

If I kill them then I swear by Ram. named Rakhu Nath Marjad.

Janaksuta Haridas said. So that there is no delay in taking the oath.

Jai Jai Jai Dhuni hot sky. Sumirat Hot Dushah Dukha Nasha.

Take refuge in your feet and celebrate. Let’s take this opportunity a bit longer.

Get up, get up and walk, then you cry for Ram. Celebrated by crossing the wings.

Om Chan Chan Chan Chan Chapat Chalanta. Om Hanu Hanu Hanu Hanu Hanumanta.

Oh yes yes Om San San Sahim Parane Khal Dal.

Rescue your people immediately. Sumirat hoy anand hamaro.

This Bajrang arrow hit wherever you go. Then say who will save.

Recite Bajrang Baan. Hanumat protects life.

This Bajrang arrow that chants. Everyone is trembling.

Dhoop deya aru japai always. So that the body is not suffering.


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