From biryani to sherbet… Mughals brought these food items with them, they are liked a lot even today.

Mughal Foods : The Mughal empire lasted for many years in India. Many historical buildings, culture and food items of that period are still there. Many stories of Mughal hospitality have been told in history. When the Mughals were coming to India, they brought many food items with them. Many of his favorite dishes are famous even today. Most people like these things even today. They taste Mughal food with great enthusiasm. Let us know about those dishes which were brought by the Mughals and are loved even today…
Tandoor is very much liked in India today. Not only chicken and momos, now tandoor is added to everything. However, very few people know that tandoor was eaten extensively during the Mughal rule. It was the Mughals who brought it.
Marinate Method
Whenever meat or chicken is cooked, it is prepared. In English this process is called marinate. This trend was also started by the Mughals. Mughals loved this dish very much and today it is quite famous.
Aromatic and delicious sherbet
The aromatic and tasty sherbet, which people drink with gusto, started becoming popular after the arrival of the Mughals. Everything from rose to rose is used in sherbet. Even today it is liked very much. Often people drink sherbet to make themselves feel fresh.
These days, biryani is being eaten with great gusto in the country. Rice has been used in our country for a long time, but the art and recipe of making biryani by adding spices and steam to it was brought by the Mughals.
Kheer is made in our homes on special occasions. Kheer has been prevalent in India since a long time but the practice of making phirni dish by thickening milk was brought by the Mughals only. Even in those times, this dish was eaten with great relish.
royal piece
Many people like delicious sweets like Shahi Tukda. This was also brought by the Mughals. Earlier it was made on flour naan instead of bread. Today Shahi Tukda is very famous. 
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