For whom can candle smoke be dangerous? Lungs can turn black!

Lungs Health : When the lungs start to deteriorate, their color turns black instead of red. Small tubes shrink and there is difficulty in breathing. Smoking, air pollution and unhealthy eating cause serious damage to our lungs. But very few people know that lighting a candle can also be harmful for some people’s lungs. A research by Aarhus University’s Department of Public Health found that for some people, indoor pollution can be as harmful as outdoor pollution. In this, candle smoke is the maximum amount of smoke released during cooking.
Who is most at risk from burning a candle
According to this study, people who have mild asthma should avoid candle smoke. Because it can settle in their lungs and cause difficulty in breathing. Due to this, problems like continuous cough and suffocation can also occur. Candle smoke can also cause blood inflammation along with DNA damage.
How dangerous is a candle
According to research writer Karin Rosenkilde Laursen, this study has been done on the youth of 18-25 years. They are quite fit as compared to children and elders. In such a situation, the results obtained from patients with mild asthma raise concern for children and the elderly.
What to do with a candle or cooking
Whenever lighting a candle or cooking at home, first of all take full care of the ventilation. Due to this, harmful smoke and gas will not accumulate inside the house and there will be no problem in breathing. Keep the windows and doors open while cooking and lighting candles. According to the study, candle is not only harmful for asthma patients but it can also be dangerous for the lungs. Windows and doors in winter  often closed. In this case, cooking and candle smoke can cause more damage.
What to eat to strengthen lungs
To keep the lungs strong and clean, foods rich in antioxidants should be eaten. This relaxes the lungs and their dirt comes out. You can consume beetroot, chili, apple, pumpkin, turmeric, tomato, blueberry, capsicum, olive oil, yogurt, brazil nuts and coffee in food.
Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do consult a doctor or a related expert.
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