Do you tickle a baby to make it laugh? Know why it should not be done

Parents are often seen tickling the baby to make it happy. You too must have tickled the newborn baby many times to make him laugh. But do you know that by doing this you are hurting your child? Yes you are listening right. When the child is small, the smile on his face does not indicate laughter. But many parents consider it as their laughter and start tickling them more, due to which they start getting hurt.

Tickling is of two types. First Nismesis and second Gargalesis. Nismesis tickling is caused by a light touch of a person. You don’t laugh at it. While in Gargalesis the person laughs out loud. A research by the University of California, USA states that the baby may feel pain when tickled. So far many such incidents have come to the fore, in which deaths have occurred due to tickling. 

Discomfort in the chest and stomach

Light tickling for babies will not prove to be harmful. However, if you tickle him too fast, it can harm him. He may feel pain. Since children are small, they cannot tell you their problems. Although they may have chest and stomach discomfort during tickling. 

Hiccup starts coming

Not only this, excessive tickling of babies can also cause hiccups. Because of which he starts crying irritable. Due to tickling, there is a strong shock on their organs. They can get hurt in external and internal organs. Children are unable to express their problems by speaking. That’s why parents should avoid doing this with them. 

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do consult a doctor or related expert.

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