Do you also get restless when the sun sets? Know what is sundowning syndrome, understand the symptoms

Sundowning Syndrome: The law of nature is that the sun will rise everyday and set everyday. Just as people like to see the sunrise, in the same way the beauty of the setting sun is also amazing. But the setting sun becomes painful for some people. There are many people in the world who become emotionally weak instead of enjoying the sunset. This is called Sundowning Syndrome. Sundowning syndrome is actually a neurological disorder, due to which the mood of the victim changes with the setting of the sun. Such a person becomes a victim of sadness, depression, anxiety, irritability and confusion when the sun sets. Many people are suffering from this but due to lack of information, people do not recognize this disorder. Let’s talk today what is sundowning syndrome and what are its symptoms.
What is Sundowning Syndrome      
Sundowning syndrome is actually a mental condition under which a person’s feelings are surrounded by depression as soon as the sun sets. As soon as the sun sets, the morale of the patient starts breaking, he feels mentally weak. Especially people suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s fall prey to it very quickly. As soon as the sun sets, the brain is unable to do its natural work properly and emotional impulses dominate. People who are suffering from mental stress of any outbreak, working pressure, lack of proper sleep, depression, breakup etc.  Those people fall prey to it. Elderly people who are suffering from dementia and other mental disorders are especially prone to it. 
Symptoms of sundowning syndrome   
In the symptoms of sundowning syndrome, the person starts getting nervous as soon as the sun sets. He starts becoming a victim of anxiety, he suddenly gets confused, sometimes people forget their direction and condition. Many people are unable to do any work properly when the sun sets. They feel scared and anxious.
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