Do not eat these things immediately after fasting for the whole day, it will cause great harm to your health.

Fasting Tips: Fasting and fasting have been given very special importance in Sanatan Dharma. Along with religious importance, there are many health benefits of fasting and fasting. Fasting detoxifies the body completely and fasting from time to time has been said to be very effective in terms of weight control. But if you eat a lot of food in the evening after fasting for the whole day, then it can be harmful instead of beneficial. Actually, after being hungry for the whole day, one should avoid eating some things suddenly because it can have a bad effect on the health. Let us know what things should be avoided while breaking the fast. 
These things should be avoided while breaking the fast  
  • After fasting for the whole day, you should first avoid eating spicy food. During this time the stomach is empty and eating spicy or spicy food during this time can cause stomach pain, indigestion, gas. 
  • Avoid consuming sour fruits while breaking the fast. Actually eating sour fruits on an empty stomach can cause indigestion and acidity problems and can worsen your health. 
  • Although sugar patients are advised to refrain from fasting etc., but even if such people observe a fast, then refrain from eating heavy food while breaking the fast. If you go hungry all day and have a heavy meal, your sugar level may get worse. 
  • Some people drink tea and coffee in the evening while breaking the fast. This can be dangerous for your health. If you drink tea or coffee in the evening after not having food for the whole day, not only will your metabolism become weak, but you may also suffer from acidity. 
What to eat after breaking the fast   
If you are breaking the fast, first you should drink a glass of water to remove the lack of water in the body. After this you can drink curd, juice, coconut water or shikanji. This will hydrate your body and energy will come in your body. There may be a lack of strength and energy in your body if you are hungry during the fast. That’s why you should eat protein rich food while breaking the fast. For this, you should include sprouted food and light things made of paneer in your diet.
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