Development of human kidney in pig embryo, major discovery for kidney transplant.

Developing transplantable organs: A big step has been taken in the world of organ transplantation. Chinese researchers have developed a technology that can solve the problem of shortage of organ donation in the future.  Scientists at the Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine and Health have successfully grown human kidneys in genetically modified pig embryos. Although ethical questions are also being raised on such experiments, it is being considered a major discovery for the organ transplant field. His scientist has developed human kidney in pig embryo. This discovery could revolutionize the organ transplant field in the future. Researched this. They modified the genetic structure of a pig embryo, then implanted 60 percent human cells and created a human kidney. Researchers say that this is the first time that a human organ has been developed inside an animal. In future, this may solve the problem of reduction in organ donation. However, ethical questions are also being raised on such use of animals. 

Work will be done on heart transplant along with kidney 
Experts say that If this technology is successful then it can revolutionize the organ transplant field. But more research is still needed. Researchers said that their ultimate goal is to produce fully functional human organs, which can be used directly for transplantation. For this, they have created a hybrid genome by mixing human and pig DNA. Apart from kidney, the team of Guangzhou Institute is also working on the development of other organs like heart, pancreas etc. He believes that in the coming time it will be possible to manufacture many human organs using this technology. Professor Jun Wu of Texas University has also praised this research. He said that this study contains much more human cells than previous research, up to 60%, which is a big achievement. 

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