Cough Problems: Cough also harms the baby during pregnancy, women should do this in 5 tips

Cough symptoms: Pregnancy is a natural process. During this, the body of women is very sensitive. The child growing in the womb should not have any kind of problem. This is also taken special care of. Cough is a common problem in winter. Now winter is almost over. But cough is still troubling people in the changing season. Even during pregnancy, women usually have health problems. There is usually pain in the lungs when there is cough. If you are having cough during pregnancy then it can be more painful. Special precautions need to be taken during this. 

1. Must take steam

Taking steam is very beneficial in case of cough. By taking steam, the mucus melts and goes down. If cough occurs, this mucus comes out. Taking steam is very beneficial in cough. 

2. Gargle

Garling with salt water is very beneficial in terms of health. Anti-microbial properties are found in it. Along with reducing sore throat, it gives relief in cough and also reduces swelling. 

3. Eat honey

Honey is seen as a panacea for cough. It is seen as anti-inflammatory. Mixing one spoon of honey with lukewarm water gives instant relief. 

4. Ginger is also beneficial

Ginger works as a natural medicine. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic, anti-bacterial properties. It is very beneficial in reducing cough. 

5. Chicken soup is also fine

If non-veg is eaten then chicken soup is also very beneficial. Anti-inflammatory properties are found in it. It reduces cough as well as reduces swelling of the throat. 

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, consult a doctor or concerned expert. Do take advice.

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