Cold drink with pizza, jam with bread, avoid these 4 food combinations

Harmful Food Combinations: When it comes to hunger, we are compelled to eat anything. Many times we eat two products by mixing them for taste, which can prove to be harmful. Some food combinations are such that everyone should avoid consuming them together. Because they can harm health on a large scale. Like- combination of milk and curd, consumption of milk after lentils etc. Actually all these things affect the digestive system and spoil the pH level of the stomach. Everyday we are using many such combinations, which are actually very harmful for the body.

Avoid these food combinations

1 . Bread and Jam

Bread and Jam is a very favorite breakfast of most people. Most mothers give this to their children in the morning breakfast. But do you know how harmful it can prove to be for your health? Actually, bread has less protein and fat and the amount of simple carbs is very high. Whereas the amount of sugar in jam is high, which can give us energy for only one hour. Jam increases the level of sugar in the body. Slows down metabolism. Not only this, it also causes stomach problems.

2. Tea or coffee with spinach paratha

It is true that spinach is a food rich in iron. Different dishes related to spinach are prepared. Although people often prefer to make parathas and eat it with tea and coffee. But this combination is injurious to health.  Polyphenols and tannins in tea and chlorogenic acid in coffee can reduce the absorption of iron. This reduces the amount of iron in spinach and our body does not get the nutrition from spinach. The combination of tea, coffee and spinach paranthas can also cause gas problems.

3. Citrus fruits with milk

Many people like to drink smoothies. They make smoothies by mixing each fruit with milk. Sometimes smoothies made of citrus fruits and milk cause stomach upset. Along with this, it also becomes the reason for indigestion. So avoid making smoothies with citrus fruits.

4. Pizza with Soda

We all like to drink coke, soda or any kind of cold drink with pizza. Pizza contains saturated fat, while soda is rich in salt. It works by damaging the digestive enzymes. Not only this, it also causes problems related to the digestive system. Our digestive system has to struggle a lot to digest this combination, which can lead to flatulence and various stomach related problems.

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