Chanakya Niti: This is the bitterest truth of human life, those who adopt it get success

Chanakya Niti: It is the desire of every person to have a happy and prosperous life. Chanakya says that a person’s good and bad times depend on his deeds. It is said that the fruit of patience is sweet, but the fruit of action is even sweeter. Many ways have been told to get success in Chanakya policy, but there is such a truth of human life that it is not in everyone’s capability to adopt it, but it is also the key to success. Those who come face to face with this bitter truth and do their work accordingly, for them even a sip of poison tastes as sweet as sugar candy. Let us know what is the biggest and bitter truth of life according to Chanakya.

Kasya Dosha: Kule nasti vyadhina ko na pyaditah.

विशानं केन न प्रतं कस्य सौख्यं निर्मणतरम्.

Meaning – In whose family there is no fault? Who doesn’t feel sad due to disease. Who does not get sorrow and who is the one who remains happy for a long time. The only essence of all these is deficiency is everywhere, in every person and this is a bitter truth.

Attitude is not important

Such people are successful

Chanakya says that deficiency is everywhere, in every person, but if we make our attitude positive, then even a bitter sip of poison starts tasting like sweet candy. Chanakya explains by example that bamboo is only one, but it depends on us whether we want to make it an arrow to injure someone else or make it a flute to dissolve sweet juice in people.

The one who does his work in view of the circumstances, he is never dissatisfied and is able to do every work in a better way, due to which he gets success. Mold your image in such a way that even if someone does evil to you, others will never believe him.

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