Caffeine Benefits: Caffeine does not only harm, it also reduces diabetes, revealed in the study

Caffeine Uses: Drinking tea, coffee, some hard drinks gives instant energy. The main reason for this is caffeine. Caffeine gives instant energy to the body. You must have read many of its disadvantages in the news. But do you know that caffeine does not only harm. It also has its advantages. But there is a need to be especially careful while consuming it. A study was also done regarding the benefits of caffeine. The results in the study are surprising. 

The risk of diabetes is less

According to media reports, a study was recently published in the journal BMJ Medicine. According to the study, a certain amount of caffeine reduces the risk of obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes type two. Just keep in mind that caffeine should be calorie free. If caffeine is not calorie free then the problem may increase.      

But don’t take too much caffeine

Type-2 diabetes occurs when the body cannot produce insulin or there is some problem in its production. Is. Dr Katrina Kos, Senior Lecturer at the University of Exeter and co-author of the study, has been associated with this study. It has been revealed in the study that even if you are taking calorie free caffeine then it should not be taken in excess. This can lead to other problems as well. 

Genetic connections were also observed

The researchers used a technique called Mendelian randomization to look for genetic connections. It was observed that two common gene variants are also associated with the speed of caffeine metabolism. These genes were associated with BMI and body fat. A direct relation of metabolism was seen with these. Researchers reported that high intake of calorie-free caffeine reduces the risk of diabetes type 2. 

Disclaimer: By following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article First take the advice of a doctor or related expert.
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