Bulletproof Coffee: Combination of ghee with coffee? Know how ‘Bulletproof Coffee’ can help in weight loss

Bulletproof Coffee Benefits: Although many types of drinks and food are available at home to lose weight. However, have you ever thought that coffee can also help you a lot in your weight loss journey? Yes you are listening right. If you are wondering how this is possible, then today we will tell you how coffee can help you lose weight. Don’t know how many times you must have drank black coffee, coffee with milk. But have you ever included ‘Bulletproof Coffee’ in your routine? If not, then definitely know about the tremendous benefits of this coffee today, because then bulletproof coffee will become your favorite coffee.

Bulletproof coffee is increasingly being used these days, especially by those who are trying to lose weight. Bulletproof coffee is part of the keto diet, which includes a diet high in fat, adequate protein and low in carbohydrates. Ghee, butter, MCT oil are included in bulletproof coffee.

How coffee and ghee help in weight loss?

Bulletproof Coffee aims to replace the carbohydrate-rich breakfast. It not only fills the stomach, but also reduces your craving to eat unhealthy food. According to health experts, ‘Bulletproof Coffee’ is a complete energy drink for the body. Nutritionists say ghee works to slow digestion and enhance the stimulant effects of coffee, which helps keep hunger under control.

Benefits of drinking bulletproof coffee

1. Beneficial for gut health: Mixing a piece of pure ghee in coffee helps in keeping the gut healthy. Because after this, if you eat anything, insulin is released slowly. Doctors recommend consuming Bulletproof coffee in moderation for people suffering from diabetes or metabolic problems, as it can provide them many benefits. 

2. Reduces anxiety: As the caffeine present in coffee is known to increase anxiety. But adding ghee or butter makes bulletproof coffee just the opposite. It helps in reducing anxiety. Many benefits are also seen in women by drinking ghee coffee, like it helps in controlling hormones.

3. Improves Digestion: Ghee is known to improve digestion and helps you to get relief from troubles like acid reflux, constipation etc. Even though ghee coffee contains fat content, but still it is helpful in weight loss by improving your digestion. Bulletproof coffee also helps in burning the fat already stored in your body. 

How to drink bulletproof coffee?

According to health experts, it is always considered right to consume it on an empty stomach to take advantage of bulletproof coffee. It will provide healthy fats and proteins to boost and speed up the metabolism required for weight loss. It will also work to give you energy. Doctors recommend that you should not drink more than two cups of bulletproof coffee. Because this will lead to weight gain instead of loss and your sleep pattern will also deteriorate.

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