Birbal Ke Kisse: When Abkar asked for a green horse to visit the royal garden, Birbal fought this trick

Birbal Ke Kisse in Hindi: The way the friendship of Krishna-Sudama and Ram-Sugriva is mentioned in Hinduism. Similarly, the stories of Akbar-Birbal’s friendship are also recorded in the pages of history. To say that Akbar was the king and Birbal was his minister, but this friendship between the king and the minister was very famous.

Birbal was a popular courtier among the Navratnas of the Mughal emperor and was also dear to Akbar. Akbar was convinced of Birbal’s qualities and his intelligence. Due to his intelligence and understanding, Birbal became special to him. Even today the stories of Birbal are very famous among the people. Knowledge of morality is obtained in the stories related to Birbal’s life. Today, in Birbal Ke Kisse, we have brought such a story for you, which reveals Birbal’s cleverness and teaches you not to give up.

Tales of Birbal: The Green Horse

One day Emperor Akbar went for a walk in the garden with Birbal. Akbar was very happy to see the green grass, beautiful flowers and trees all around in the garden. Abkar thought that the horse should also be green in order to visit this beautiful and green garden. He told Birbal that, you arrange a green horse for me in a week and if you cannot bring a green horse then do not show me your face. Akbar knew that Birbal was not one to give up so quickly. So he entrusted this work to his special minister Birbal.

Birbal appeared in the court and said to Akbar, Jahanpanah, I have got a green horse. Akbar surprisedly said – Well then show me quickly where is the green horse? Birbal said that the owner of the horse has put a condition that he will give the green horse only when you go to get the horse yourself. Akbar smiled and said. This is a very easy condition. What is the second condition?

Birbal said that, Jahanpanah, the second condition is that, the owner of the horse has said that, the green colored horse is very special. That’s why you have to go and bring it on a special day. His owner has said that, on any day other than seven days of the week, he should come and take the green horse. Akbar laughed after hearing Birbal’s clever words. Akbar was once again pleased with Birbal’s cleverness and understood that it is not easy to fool or defeat Birbal.

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