Be careful… you are also not eating fake honey… identify real-fake at home by these methods

Life Hacks: Honey is a boon for health. It is such a gift of nature that one can get relief from many problems. Can provide relief in problems like weight loss, skin problems, cold and cough. Honey is used in every Indian household. Honey is also used a lot to enhance beauty. But sometimes the honey you are using is not even pure. Even though there is talk of purity in the description outside, but in reality honey is not pure. This is the reason why some people are unable to take advantage of it. If you are also using honey, then we are going to tell you some tricks, by adopting which you will be able to know whether honey is real or fake.

This is how to identify the purity of honey

Identify honey with fire- According to experts, when honey is adulterated, it takes time to burn in fire, whereas real honey burns immediately. goes. For this, all you have to do is to wrap cotton in a stick and apply honey in it. Now burn this cotton on the gas. If it takes time to catch fire, then understand that your honey is adulterated.

Test honey with water- You can also check the purity of honey with hot water. For this, take hot water in a glass. Now put one spoon of honey in hot water and leave it. If honey dissolves in hot water, then understand that it is adulterated. If it sits at the bottom of the glass, then understand that it is absolutely real honey.

Check the purity of honey with bread-Honey can also be tested with bread Can For this, take bread in a plate and put one to one and a half teaspoon honey on it. If the bread gets wet after adding honey, then understand that water and sugar have been mixed in it. On the other hand, if the honey remains intact on the bread, then understand that it is real honey. Can identify. For this, open the tissue paper and spread it. Now put two to three drops of honey on the tissue paper and leave it for a while. If the paper absorbs the honey, then understand that it is adulterated.

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