Be careful if you scold your children on every issue, it may spoil their mental health.

Parenting Tips : Giving good upbringing to children is the dream of every parent. However, sometimes small mistakes affect the mental health of children and they go in the wrong direction. One of these mistakes is scolding children again and again. Many parents feel that if they behave strictly with their children then the child will follow the right path. In this matter they scold the children again and again. Which affects the mental health of children. Therefore, whenever the child makes a mistake, try to explain it instead of scolding him. A study by Leuven University has revealed that scolding children for every small thing can increase depression and other mental problems as they grow up. Let us know what effect repeated scolding has on children…
Reduction in Confidence
If parents scold their children for every issue, it reduces the child’s confidence and their self-esteem starts decreasing. Therefore, parents should avoid scolding children as much as possible.
Reduced social abilities
If parents behave strictly with children, it reduces their sociability. This has a negative impact on their social ability. In such a situation, they feel a lot of difficulty socially.
Angry nature
Excessive scolding by parents affects the behavior of children. If they are scolded on every small and big issue, then children do not say anything at home but their angry nature is visible outside. Sometimes they even become quite aggressive.
Unable to accept failure
Children who are scolded too much are unable to accept their failure. There is so much fear inside them that if they fail, they may even take wrong steps. If you want your child to face difficulties and remain strong in every situation, then treat him well and give freedom to his emotions. Instead of scolding them on every small thing, it is better to explain them lovingly.
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