Are the symptoms of heart attack different in men and women? Know when to be cautious

These days the number of deaths due to heart attack has increased. In such a situation, the doctor also asks the patient the first question that what symptoms did you see before the heart attack? or what you felt. For your information, let us tell you that the symptoms of heart attack in women and men are quite different from each other. That’s why never get confused by seeing its symptoms. Today we will talk about what are the symptoms of heart attack in men and women. Let’s find out.

First of all we will talk about how the symptoms of heart attack are different in women and men?

Men And women’s heart structure is different from each other

Women’s lungs, brain and muscles, every little thing is different from men. Or simply say that the physical structure of women and men are different from each other.  So it is inevitable that there will be some difference in the make of the heart and the way it works.  For your information, let us tell you that the heart of a woman is small and the blood vessels are narrow. On the other hand, the heart of men is bigger and the blood vessels are also bigger. Heart disease can occur differently in women than in men. 

Any person gets a heart attack when cholesterol plaque starts accumulating inside the walls of the arteries. This damages the blood vessels. On the other hand, in men, plaque usually accumulates on the largest arteries that reach blood to the heart. This plaque accumulates in the smallest blood vessels of women. That’s why the method of heart attack is different for both. 

Are heart attack symptoms different for men and women

Heart attack symptoms in men

Sudden excessive sweating

Chest pain

Pain in throat and jaw

Difficulty in breathing

Heartburn and palpitations

Heart attack symptoms in women

< p>indigestion

stress and anxiety






If any such symptoms appear, contact the doctor immediately

Disclaimer: The methods mentioned in this article, Before following the methods and suggestions, do consult a doctor or related expert.

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