Alert! Even if you do not feed sugar to your child in too much pampering, it can spoil teeth at an early age.

Children Teeth Care Tips: If you are also pampering your little child by feeding sugar products, then be careful. Because sugar products (sugar side effects) can be very dangerous for a child under two years of age. Feeding more sugar to children and prematurely weaning them from mother’s milk spoils their teeth. This information has been found in a research published in America’s ‘Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology’ journal. About 800 children aged 2 years or less were included in this research.

You are also not feeding chocolate and chips to children

According to WHO, 6 months of birth are very important. During this, they are fed only mother’s milk. It is very helpful in their physical development. After this solid food and mother’s milk is given. Meanwhile, doctors refuse to give products containing sugar. But parents start feeding sugar or products made from it, chocolate, chips to the children. The result of which is that children’s teeth start getting spoiled at an early age. The research team believes that problems also arise in the new teeth that emerge after the fall of the milk teeth. Some children’s teeth do not develop at all and some have tooth decay.

What the study says

1. Out of 800 children included in this research, 25.8 percent of such children were found, whose teeth were damaged.
2. Children who were given fewer sugary products had less tooth decay.
3. Children who were breastfed for 12 months were found to have more cavities than children who were breastfed for 24 months.

Damage claim in earlier research

Let us tell you that even before this, it was claimed in many types of research that defects have been seen in the teeth of children of 12 months or more due to sugar. The food intake information of 800 children involved in this research was collected. Talks were held with his parents and care taker. On the basis of tea, milk, juice, baby food in the food, sugar reached the children and breast feeding was found to be less.

Children who drink mother’s milk do not have problems

According to the School of Public Health University involved in this research, excessive amount of sugar in the diet of newborns has been found to reduce lactation. According to the research, such children who get their diet only through breastfeeding, no problem was seen in them. This is because milk does not cause lactose intolerance. 
It was told in the research that if the child is only breastfed till two or two and a half years, then the consumption of over-processed food or products related to sugar is reduced. 
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