Akbar Birbal Ke Kisse: Akbar’s brother-in-law wanted to become a Wazir like Birbal, but got defeated this time too

Akbar Birbal Ke Kisse in Hindi: The brother-in-law of Emperor Akbar was very jealous of Birbal. The reason for this was that Birbal was intelligent and clever. He used to solve any problem in a jiffy and for this reason Akbar also used to take his advice on every important decision.

But Akbar’s brother-in-law wanted to take Birbal’s place. He wanted to become the Wazir of Akbar’s court like Birbal. Akbar was also aware of the fact that his brother-in-law has no qualities and there is no comparison with Birbal in terms of intelligence and cleverness. But being the brother of the Begum, Akbar could not say anything to her.

Tales of Akbar Birbal: Brother-in-law of Akbar

One day Akbar gave a sack full of coal to his brother-in-law and said, go and sell it to the most cunning and greedy Seth Damdilal of our state. If you do this work, I will make you the Wazir of the court in place of Birbal. Although brother-in-law was very surprised to hear this strange condition. Because he knew that it is difficult to get even a single rupee from the stingy Seth.

But still he went away with the sack of coal. After that what happened was to happen. Seth Damdilal also kept the sack of coal and did not give even a lump in return. After this Saale Saheb came back to the court hanging his face and accepted his defeat in front of Akbar.

After this Akbar gave the same work to Birbal. Birbal said, I will bring a cunning and greedy person like Seth Damdilal for ten thousand rupees only by giving him a piece of coal, not the whole sack. Saying this, Birbal left from there with a piece of coal.

When Birbal earned 10 thousand from a piece of coal

First of all, Birbal got a velvet kurta stitched from a tailor and wore diamond-pearl garlands around his neck. Wearing expensive shoes, Birbal made a piece of coal grind like fine antimony. Filled the ground coal in a small shining antimony box. Birbal changed his disguise and stayed in a guest house and gave an advertisement in the state that a big sheikh has come from Baghdad, who sells magical antimony. By applying this surma in the eyes, the dead ancestors are visible. If the forefathers have buried money or jewelery somewhere, the address is also told.

The price of a piece of coal fixed at 10 thousand

This thing spread like fire in the whole state and Seth Damdilal also came to know about this. Seth Damadidal was greedy anyway. He thought that his ancestors must have buried money or jewelry somewhere. That’s why he immediately reached Birbal in disguise and wanted to buy a box of antimony. After this Birbal told Surmi’s Kemal 10 thousand and Seth Damdilal also agreed for 10 thousand. In this way the price of a piece of coal was fixed at 10 thousand.

But Seth Damdilal did not give money on such a thing, but he was also very smart. He said, first I will apply this antimony. If I do not see my ancestors, I will take back the money. Birbal said, yes sir, you can do this. Let’s go to the city square and check out this charismatic antimony there. In this way, a crowd gathered in the crossroads to see the miracle of antimony.

Birbal announced that, this Seth will immediately apply this charismatic antimony in his eyes and if he is the child of the one who If they consider themselves as their parents, then their forefathers will be visible to them and they will tell about the buried wealth. But if any of your parents have committed dishonesty and you are not their real child then you will not be able to see anything. Seth got confused in some way. He applied antimony and opened his eyes. There was nothing to be seen anyway. But even if poor Seth had done it, what would he have done? To save his honor from him, he gave ten thousand rupees to Birbal and went away in a fit of rage.

Akbar’s brother-in-law accepted defeat

Taking 10 thousand rupees earned from a piece of coal, Birbal immediately reached Akbar and told the whole story while handing over the money. Akbar’s brother-in-law, who was sitting nearby, dropped his face and returned home without saying anything. After this episode, Birbal’s brother-in-law completely accepted his condition and never asked for Birbal’s place.

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