AI, Artificial Intelligence saved the life of a child, 17 doctors could not find this disease

Artifical Intelligence : Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology saved the life of 4-year-old Alex living in America. Alex was suffering from a rare neurological disorder, but no doctors were able to treat it properly. 17 doctors treated him for 3 years but no one could diagnose the disease correctly. Alex was in pain and there was imbalance in both parts of his body. The child’s problem was not visible to his mother. When Alex’s mother Courtney fed his MRI reports to an AI system called Chat GPT, Chat GPT identified the correct diagnosis as ‘Tethered Cord Syndrome’. A neurosurgeon then performed surgery on Alex and now He is making a full recovery. This incident reflects the growing role of AI in the medical field. 

AI systems like Chat GPT can help doctors and improve diagnosis in complex cases. Although AI cannot replace doctors, it can prove to be quite useful as an assistant. Alex’s story proves the importance of AI’s advice. 

Contribution of AI in the medical field 
A new report has revealed that artificial Intelligence i.e. AI is proving to be very helpful in detecting and treating diseases. This report has been prepared by the National Institute for Health and Care Research, a British government agency. According to the report, with AI, hospitals already know when and how many beds are needed. Apart from this, AI has made the work of doctors easier in breast cancer screening and has halved the work of radiologists. NIHR Senior Research Fellow Dr. Gemma Quint said that the time has come to show confidence in AI. Is. AI can also detect eye diseases in advance. This report shows the growing capabilities of AI and the role of AI in the medical field will increase further in the future. 

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