9 out of 10 girls are troubled by online comments and body shaming, survey revealed

In a survey conducted recently, girls said that their morale is not good. They are not as happy as they used to be. Girls say that whenever people say something about their body, they feel very bad. Even on the internet and social media, things that harass girls keep happening. They say that women are still portrayed in a wrong way in the media. More importance is given to the body or beauty of women. Due to which comments are made about their body. All these things are affecting the morale and happiness of girls. Society should look into these issues and try to provide a safe and positive environment to girls. 

Girlguiding’s survey has revealed that the happiness levels of girls and young women in Britain are falling. There has been a significant decline in the happiness of girls since 2009. According to Angela Salt, head of Girlguiding, about 40% of the girls were happy in 2009, which has now come down to only 17%. 9 out of 10 girls surveyed are feeling worried or upset. 

Know why girls are upset 
The biggest decline in happiness has been recorded among girls in the age group of 7 to 10 years. Girls aged between 11 to 21 are also expressing anger towards elders. However, there is also a positive aspect that now more and more girls are raising their voice on social issues and are aware of their role in the society. Seeing as factors. 

Know how to stop it 
Girlguiding has urged to take some important steps in this regard like – education of consent in sexual relations in schools, online safety measures, media education and advertisements. Thus, the decline in girls’ happiness has become a matter of grave concern and requires immediate attention.

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