Life-changing ideas: Melting light, water-purifying boat… students glimpse India of the future

Melting bulb… which not only gives light, but also gives clean air. Along with enjoying boating, the boat that cleans the waste of water. Bird Incubator…and many more. Students doing Masters in Industrial Design of School of Planning and Architecture have made these things on innovative ideas. An exhibition of 19 such products is going on at the India Habitat Center in Delhi. Friday is its last day. Science students and industry people are reaching to see these unique things.

Talking to NDTV, Parag Anand, Chief of the School of Planning and Architecture Industrial Design, says, “All creative ideas end up living in a small space. We can show the industry that you can use the talent of these children.” These products are new ideas that we can take forward.”

This bulb can burn continuously for 12 hours
The melting bulb ‘Melting Everest’ is made from Himalayan rock salt. This is a luxury light. It can be installed as a decorative light in different types of stands. It melts just like the Himalayas are melting. This bulb also purifies the air when it melts. This 8 kg rock salt can last for 1000 hours if kept on fire continuously for 12 hours.

MA final year student Manoranjan Ghosh has prepared this bulb. He explains, “Luxury is the lighting of the segment. It also purifies the air. It will always make you realize that our climate is changing. The environment is facing problems. The Himalayas and Everest are melting.”

garbage boat
Shivani Kumari has prepared such a boat, which along with boating can help in cleaning the water waste. This product has been named ‘Pure Waters’. Its wheels will keep rotating in the water and the garbage will get collected in it.

Shivani Kumari says, “Its cycle can hold up to 50 kg of garbage at a time. After that the garbage will have to be removed from it. Algae, small plants, floating garbage can also be collected in this boat.

‘Nesto Care’ made for bird babies
A product has also been made to prevent the bird from falling from its nest ie baby word. It has been named ‘Nesto Care’. This device will take care of baby birds in the same way as their mother does in the nest. The idea to make it came from a center in Nagpur. Here 5 to 6 small birds are being brought to the same center daily.

Prateek Vandhare, the creator of ‘Nesto Care’, is a student of MA final year. He said, “This is an incubator for baby birds. This will take care of them. When baby birds are sick, they will be treated.”


Unique bond of terracotta and wood
In this exhibition, you will also get to see an Aqua Bio Harvest, which is made of terracotta and wood. In this, those small pieces of wood have been used, which get wasted while cutting big wood. It is completely eco friendly.

This product is made by Pavitra KV. She says, “It doesn’t get too hot in summer. It doesn’t get too cold in cold weather. The steel furniture in the park gets very hot in summer. It gets equally cold in winter. That’s why people Can’t use it. But this won’t happen with my product.

Aqua Bio Harvest product is designed keeping in mind the fish farming farmers. They will put algae in the pond for fish food and with the help of this product bio oil will be extracted from it. Means… a new source of income. Vivek Ramachandran says that he is from Kerala where a lot of fish farming is done. The technology of this new product will also give the cost of bio oil to those fish farmers without investing any money.


unique chair for listening qawwali
Apart from environmental products, there is also a unique comfortable chair for listening to Qawwali. There is also dancing sand inside the device on the song. There is also a spring vibrator fitted mat for Zumba dance. There is also such a cooker here which increases the taste of the food, because clay is used in it. Due to this, the people living in the cities can get the taste of the village.

special helmet for army
A special helmet has also been made for the army in this exhibition. In which there is a feature of translation of different languages, on the other hand, for the jawans monitoring the border, a vehicle running at high speed, which a jawan can either drive or remotely monitor through a camera attached to it.

Kitchen tools also available
There is also a material measure and a cute wash basin to inculcate an understanding of the kitchen for children from a young age. There are also games along the lines of Rock Paper Scissors for young children. Through this game for elders, from being fresh in the office to exercising, you will also get the benefit of exercising here. A device for visually challenged kids that can teach them to measure, weigh, and count through oscillation. At the same time, such a game of the digital era which gives the feel of digital but is possible only through physical activity.

Prototype on the lines of bike ride
Not only this, a prototype prepared on the lines of a bike ride, which gives the facility to sit comfortably at the back. As if the bike rider is driving and the ride taker will feel the feel and comfort of a rickshaw. Here, there is also a body dryer, which can come in handy for those with skin ailments. Its consumption is also possible in the hotel industry. Bathing can also be done through this and the body can also be dried without a towel.

Aditi Singh, Professor of Industrial Design, School of Planning and Architecture, says that this boosts the morale of the children. Not only do people see the products prepared by them in the exhibition, the industry also makes agreements if they like the product. This is the hard work of a good amount of time, in which all of them have taken the product to the end by putting their heart and mind.

Of course, this project and product is a part of the course of these students. But it is equally important for our future. In this exhibition you can see the picture of tomorrow’s India today itself.

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