Leo June Horoscope 2023: People with Leo zodiac should be ready to bear the loss of money, know monthly horoscope

Leo Monthly Horoscope June 2023: The month of June 2023 will be good for Leo people. After June 17, a period of problems will start in your zodiac sign. Be a little careful,  Investing money in business can give loss. Students can get confused by falling in wrong company. Let us know how the month of June will be in terms of education, travel, health, love and family for the people of Leo zodiac sign. (Leo June 2023 Rashifal).

Leo Monthly Business Horoscope

  • Shash Yoga will be there in the seventh house, due to which you will think of starting a new business in the month of June. This month will also be auspicious for starting a new franchise in business.
  • From June 07 to 23, Mercury will have a relation of 4-10 with the seventh house, due to which speech, intelligence and communication will contribute to gain business. Going to be very important. The work will be completed jokingly. 
  • From June 17, Saturn will be retrograde in the seventh house, due to which there are possibilities of problems related to new business during this time.
    The eighth vision of Mars. Due to being on the seventh house, investment in risky business will have to be avoided. Mars is debilitated. Investing money in business with more courage can give loss.

Leo Monthly Career Horoscope

  • From June 07 to 14, Sun-Mercury’s Budhaditya Yoga will remain in the tenth house. Appreciation of bass and the support of your intelligence both will make you worthy of praise in the job. Your image in career will improve and your position will rise in the notebook of the base.
  • From 15th June onwards, there will be Papkartari dosh from the tenth house, due to which the thoughts of job change in the profession will come to your mind again and again. There can be some disappointment due to not getting the benefits commensurate with the hard work.
  • Mars will have a relation of 3-11 with the tenth house, due to which the unemployed can complete their job search. Changes in job and transfer to a desired place are also possible during this time.
  • Mercury will remain in the tenth house from June 07 to 23, due to which  any task will not seem difficult due to the full support of colleagues in the job. Big works will be completed on time with colleagues. 

Leo Monthly Love Horoscope

  • Shash Yoga will be there in the seventh house, due to which the efforts of marriage can be completed. Time will also be auspicious for the children of younger siblings. There may be chances of going to the birthday of a friend’s child. 
  • Anger can disturb the peace in married life due to the eighth aspect of Mars on the seventh house.
  • There will be a Shadashtak defect from the seventh house of Venus, due to which there will be some or the other dispute with the life partner regarding family matters. Bedroom is also prone to be disturbed. 

Leo Monthly Education Horoscope

  • Guru-Rahu’s chandal dosha will remain in the ninth house, students pursuing higher education may get confused by falling in wrong company. You may choose the wrong route. This time will be of confusion and lack of discretion for them. 
  • The ninth aspect of Jupiter on the fifth house will open the way for success and progress for the students. Success will kiss your forehead with good grades. Do not let the favorable time slip out of hand. Give time to studies. 
  • From 15th June, Sun’s seventh aspect on the fifth house will give you full confidence, and there is no dearth of ability in you, what is needed is the rigor and discipline of the teachers positively. To understand  

Leo  Health and Travel (Leo Monthly Health Horoscope)

  • The seventh vision of Mars on the sixth house can create a situation of losing consciousness in enthusiasm. Don’t drive the vehicle at high speed by getting into stunts and showing off. You can get the loss of showing off in the form of injury. 
  • From June 17, Saturn will be retrograde, due to which the life partner’s nature may remain dry and pessimistic in June. Sadness and negative energy in the mind will affect you too,  Stay away from it. 

Remedy for people with Leo zodiac sign (Singh Rashi Upay)
19th June Gupta Navratri begins – While worshiping Maa Kushmanda, chanting Om Ain Hrin Devyai Namah mantra will give you special fruits. Will provide On 29th June Devashyani Ekadashi – worship Lord Vishnu methodically and at the same time fill water in the Dakshinavarti conch and bathe the conch God, then the way for his progress will open and he will not face any kind of problem in his life. Will not have to.

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