Woman on the beach saw ‘mermaid alien’! People scared to see the scary creature with human skull, no one knows its secret

According to the New York Post, a picture of the remains of a creature surfaced on social media has users and marine biologists puzzled as they are unable to identify the creature with certainty. news portal further reported that pictures of a creature resembling a “mermaid alien” washed up on an Australian beach. awesome looking flotsam first time Marine Biology Facebook Group I came to light through a post which is currently going viral online.

“It was exactly the shape of a mermaid,” said Bobbi-Lee Oates, 34, who uploaded the skeletal remains, which she stumbled upon while walking on the beach at Keppel Sands, Queensland.

The Australian recalled, “We were driving along the beach looking for a camp site, and we couldn’t help but notice what looked like a human-sized skull.” “So we were immediately confused as to what the hell this could be, and why does it look like a human skull?”

The accompanying photos show the apparent oceanic mystery actually has a dome-shaped humanoid skull and the protruding ribs that highlight the alien’s hair in “Predator.”

Oates, who estimated the creature to have been 6 feet long, described the creature to the NYPost: “Its skull was of human size, with a long jaw line, and hairs similar in color to those of a cow or a kangaroo, but in several The hair was missing.”

She continued: “It was just like a mermaid, but hairy, because it looked like it had a tail or some kind of limb,” said the shocked girl, who was “amazed” by the human-like appearance of the corpse. ” Was.

The New York Post reported that animal experts thought the remains belonged to some type of marine mammal.

After reviewing the photographs, Rob Deville, project manager for the UK Cetacean Strandings Investigation Program at the Zoological Society of London, said, “It definitely looks like a small cetacean to me.” “I’m not familiar with the area nor what species are commonly found there, so I can’t really take it any further than that.”


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