Which fruit has the most calcium?

Quiz Games: Today, if someone wants to increase his general knowledge then quiz is the easiest way to do it. Well, in today’s modern times, there are many mediums through which you can increase your knowledge. But the easiest method among them is quiz. There are many subjects like Geography, History, GK, Science Maths, Arts and many such subjects which you will get information about through quizzes. It would not be wrong to call quiz as quick tarik. Because with this we quickly ask a question to someone and get the answer in one sentence. If you also want to know something interesting, then take out some time from your routine and answer these questions quickly. Don’t worry, here you will also get the correct answers to all the questions (quiz games). So let’s start.

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Question 1- When did the Nobel Prize start?

Answer 1- Nobel Prize started in 1901.

Question 2- Which bone of the human body is the strongest?

Answer 2- Thigh bone is the strongest bone of the human body. It is considered stronger than concrete.

Question 3- Who bought Gandhiji’s spectacles?

Answer 3- Gandhiji’s spectacles were bought by an American collector. These glasses were auctioned by a Bristol auction agency for Rs 2.55 crore.

Question 4- Which planet is called Earth’s sister?

Answer 4- Venus is known as the sister of Earth.

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Question 5- If you try to solve this riddle, then you will know – Everyone eats without washing, regrets a lot after eating, and is shy even to say so?

Answer 5- The correct answer is shoes and slippers.

Question 6- Which fruit contains the most calcium?

Answer 6- Kiwi is a fruit in which maximum calcium is found.

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Question, What does hard currency mean?

Answer- A currency whose supply is less than demand.

Question- Which planet has the most moons?

Answer- 145 Saturn is at the top along with the Moon.

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