Weather News: There will be a feeling of heat in Mumbai this winter, know how the cold will be in North India?

It will take time for the winter season to arrive in North-West India. There are 9 days left for the end of November, but the temperature in North-West India including Mumbai still remains normal. The situation is more or less the same in Maharashtra and Gujarat. The day and night temperatures here are close to normal. The reason for this is being said to be Western Disturbance. At the same time, due to El Nino, there will be no severe winter even in the peak months of December-January.

Mahesh Palawat, vice president of meteorology and climate change, Skymet Weather Services, said, “Western disturbances used to come to the mountains in October-November. This caused good snowfall in the mountains in November. But this year so far there has not been a single good western disturbance. It has come. Even in the areas of North and West India, there used to be rain due to Western Disturbance. The temperature used to drop down a bit. But this season the weather in the mountains has remained dry. Therefore, it is not raining either.”

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impact of climate change
Mahesh Palawat told NDTV, “We can see this by linking it with climate change. Due to the absence of western disturbance, it is predicted that there will be a delay in the arrival of winter season in Mumbai.”

Currently clear sky in Mumbai
According to the Meteorological Department (IMD), the sky is currently clear in Mumbai. Therefore the sun’s rays are reaching the ground directly. Due to this the maximum temperature is increasing in the afternoon. On Tuesday, the maximum temperature recorded at Mumbai’s Colaba weather center was 35.5 degrees Celsius, while in Santa Cruz it was 36.1 degrees.

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There will be a drop in minimum temperature in the next 24 to 48 hours
According to IMD Mumbai, the drop in minimum temperature can be felt for the next 24 to 48 hours, but it cannot be called the arrival of cold weather. There may be relief from the afternoon heat in the next 10 days. But the temperature is not expected to drop much in Mumbai. Mumbaikars will have to wait till December for the cold weather.

How will the cold be this year?
According to IMD, this year is the year of El Nino. In this situation the temperature of the sea is higher than normal. The effect of El Nino is most likely to last till March-April next year. Because of this, it is expected that there will be less cold in the peak months of December-January, but the knock of heat can also be heard from the month of February.

At present, except in the morning, there is very less humidity in Delhi and surrounding areas. Because of this the minimum temperature remains between 15 degrees to 17 degrees. This falls within the normal range for this time of the year.

Winter hits North India
It is becoming cold in the morning and evening in the country’s capital Delhi and NCR. A decline is being recorded in the maximum and minimum temperatures. The minimum temperature of Delhi was recorded at 12.0 degrees Celsius on Tuesday. According to the Meteorological Department, similar weather is expected to prevail in Delhi-NCR on November 22 also. The sky is forecast to be clear during the day and mist and light fog may be seen in the morning.

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Heavy rain warning in Tamil Nadu, Kerala
According to IMD, unlike North India and North-West India, there may be heavy rain in South India. Especially Tamil Nadu may be more affected by the rain. Apart from this, rainy conditions are also occurring in Kerala. According to IMD, there is a possibility of heavy rain at some places in both the states till November 23. Apart from this, there may be rain in the coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh also. There is forecast of rain in South Interior Karnataka till November 23.

Apart from North India, the weather will be clear in other states, of course it will be cold at night, but there will be relief during the day.

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