Walking on this hill station was also a crime for Indians, but now millions of tourists come

Uttarakhandhill stations : ‘queen of hills’known as ‘Mussoorie’ It is the most visited hill station of Uttarakhand. Whether it is summer or winter, lakhs of tourists reach here to enjoy the beautiful valleys here. But there was a time where roaming around is a distant thing, even wandering around was prohibited for Indian citizens. After all, why was it so, today in this article we are going to tell you some interesting stories related to it, which you will be very surprised to know.

interesting stories related to mussoorie

1- Actually this place was settled by the British only. According to historians, British officer FJ Shore reached this place in 1823 while mountaineering. Then he was stunned to see the sight of Mussoorie. Then he made a scaffold here to hunt. He used to come here often for a walk. After some time, the British built a building here, in 1828 the Landour market was built and in 1829 the first shop opened here and by 1926-31 the paved road also reached Mussoorie. So in this way the development of Mansoori started.

2- During the British rule, it was written in big words on the Mall Road of this hill station- Indians and dogs not allowed. It was first opposed by Pandit Motilal Nehru. He broke this rule and went for a walk. Mansuri is named after a bush here. This shrub grows here in maximum quantity. However, most of the people also call this place by the name of Masoor.


3- If you are going to visit Mussoorie then red sand dunesMust visit This dune is situated at an altitude of 2290 meters. From here you can enjoy Mussoorie’s plains to the fullest. One can also see the range of Himalayas from here.


4- There is another anecdote related to Mansoori. Gun Hill was here. There used to be a gun on the top here. This gun used to fire every day at 12 o’clock in the afternoon, so that people used to match the time of their watch. However, later that gun was removed.

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