Viral: ‘My mother used to eat in the same plate for 20 years’ went viral on Twitter, this post will make you emotional

Viral: Many of us stay away from home, sometimes due to studies or sometimes because of job, but in spite of all this there are many such things which remind us of our home. From the smell of home-made khichdi to fried dal or chicken curry, these are all such things that we crave to eat. No matter how much food or junk food we eat from outside, but the enjoyment that comes from eating at home is a different thing. Home made food neither fills the heart nor fills the stomach quickly. There is something special in home cooked food. At the same time, there are some such things related to this which always remain in our mind. Even today food is eaten in steel plates in homes. On the other hand, when it comes to the old people, they do not like the new style of utensils of today’s time. This time a story related to utensils has come to the fore which has gone viral on the internet.

A Twitter user has shared a picture of a plate, which may look simple, but there is a heart touching story behind it. Posting a photo of the steel plate, he wrote, ‘This is Amma’s plate.. She used to eat in this for the last 2 decades. It is a small plate..besides him he allowed me and Chulbuli (Shruti, my niece) to eat in this plate.

He told that after the death of his mother, he came to know from his sister that this plate was a prize which I had won in the year 1999 in the 7th standard.

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“All these 24 years he was eating from the plate I won and he didn’t even tell me, miss you mom,”

Seeing this post went viral on social media and many people on the internet got moist after hearing this story. Many people also sympathized with him by commenting on his post.

One user wrote, “Heart touching friend!!! Be strong… Parents are priceless and due to our modern life style, we hardly get time to spend with them!!!”.

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Another user commented, “Brother tears welled up in my eyes after reading your tweet. Don’t cry so much because you are the proud son of your mother, her love and blessings are always with you.”

One user said, “For the last 5-6 years I am using a thali which I won”.

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