VIDEO: The famous Champaran Mutton, courtesy of Chef Lalu Yadav and Rahul Gandhi

A special cooking class: Chef Lalu Yadav teaches trainee Rahul Gandhi how to cook Champaran Mutton, a famous meat dish from Bihar. The Congress leader released a cooking video on Saturday.

In the video, Rahul Gandhi says- “I know how to cook, but I am not an expert. When I was working in Europe, I had to learn to cook. I lived alone, so I had to learn. I can cook basic dishes.” Yes, but I’m not an expert.” They say, “Lalu Yadav ji makes very good food.”

When Lalu Yadav, known for his witty dialogues, was asked by the Congress leader when he learned to cook, he said, “I was in sixth or seventh standard. I had gone to Patna to meet my brothers, who were working there.” There they invited me. I used to cook for them, collect wood, wash utensils and grind spices. I learned it all there.”

In the seven-minute video, veteran leader from Bihar Lalu Yadav is seen instructing Rahul Gandhi about the various steps involved in preparing a special dish, adding spices, marinating the meat and then putting it in a handi.

While the mutton was being prepared, Rahul Gandhi asked Lalu Yadav about the secret spice of politics. To this Lalu says, “The secret spice is hard work, fighting against injustice.”

How is it (cooking) different from politics? Rahul Gandhi asked, reminding Lalu Yadav that he likes to “mix everything in politics”. Lalu Yadav says, “Yes, I do. Politics is impossible without a little mix.”

During their conversation, Rahul Gandhi asked the senior leader what is his advice for the next generation of politicians? Lalu says, “I suggest that your parents, your grandparents took the country forward on a new path, the path of religion, you should never forget this.”

Bihar’s Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav and his sister Misa Bharti were also present during the dinner.

Then all of them can be seen enjoying the dish around a big dining table. In the end, Rahul Gandhi also gets mutton dish packed for his sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra.

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