VIDEO: 2 girls were talking to the wind while swinging on the swing on the hill, the soul will tremble to see what happened next

Some people love to play adventure sports, for them it is the most beautiful feeling in life, but sometimes this beautiful feeling also turns into a dangerous accident. One such video is becoming increasingly viral on social media these days. This video is old, but people like to watch it again and again in loop. There is also a lesson in this video, let’s look at it first.

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expensive swing

In this video shared on Twitter, two girls are seen swinging on a swing on the hill. The swing leads down the hill to the gorge. A person standing behind shakes the swing so hard that the girls quickly move towards the ditch and then return to the hill. The heart is filled with fear just by looking at this swing, but the girls are swinging with pleasure, but then suddenly something happens that the onlookers get goosebumps. This swing set on the hill wobbles and the girls fall down from the swing towards the ditch.

People called such a game madness

This video shared on Twitter has been viewed more than 14 million times. At the same time, people are commenting that such sports are dangerous and insanity. Commenting on this, a user wrote, ‘Who calls this kind of game fun.’ While another user wrote, ‘The most shocking thing is that people are making videos even after the accident.’

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