US Senate confirms Eric Garcetti as the next US ambassador to India

The Committee on Foreign Affairs of the US Parliament has approved the name of former Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti for the Ambassador to India. President Joe Biden had sent the proposal of Eric Garcetti’s name to the committee. A total of 52 votes were cast for the US Ambassador to India, out of which 42 votes were cast in favor of Eric Garcetti. All Democrats as well as Republican Senators Todd Young and Bill Herty also voted in favor of Eric Garcetti.

Eric Garcetti was the co-chairman of President Joe Biden’s election campaign. He is considered very close to Joe Biden. It was believed that Eric could be included in Biden’s cabinet, but the way the Jacobs controversy unfolded, he was out of the race. Eric was accused of sexually assaulting Rick Jacobs. There was no US ambassador in India since January 2021, after almost two years, America has appointed its permanent ambassador to India.

Contested the election of mayor for the first time in 2013
Eric Garcetti is also an excellent photographer, composer and pianist. Garcetti has also served in the US Navy. For the first time in 2013, he contested the mayor’s election and won it. In 2017, he contested the election again and won it.

been involved in controversies
Eric Garcetti has been accused of sexually assaulting his colleague Rick Jacobs. In July 2021, Garcetti’s name was proposed as the permanent ambassador of America to India. When this proposal came to the Foreign Relations Committee, it could not be decided due to opposition. Earlier it was believed that he could join Biden’s cabinet, but his chance ended after the Rick Jacobs controversy came to the fore. On January 9, 2020, Garcetti endorsed Biden for the nomination of the Democratic Party. However, by the year 2017, Garcetti saw himself as a successful candidate for the US President.

Was involved in the voting committee
Last April, Garcetti was named to the voting committee to select the Democratic nominee’s running mate. In November 2020, Garcetti was seen as Transport Minister in the Biden administration.

US Ambassador needed in India
US State Department spokesman Ned Price said, ‘We saw action on behalf of the senator today. We heartily appreciate it. America needs an ambassador in India. Our team on the ground, including the Charge d’Affaires, who has served in place of an ambassador, has done an extraordinary job.

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