Unacademy fires teacher who urged students to vote for educated candidates

Teacher Karan Sangwan, who urged students to vote for an educated candidate, has been sacked by Unacademy and EdTech, a firm that runs teacher platforms, says the classroom is not the place to share personal views. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has also reacted to the issue and wanted to know whether asking educated people to vote is a crime.

Roman Saini, co-founder of ‘Unacademy’, says that Sangwan has violated the contract, so the company had to leave him. Sangwan has started his YouTube channel and has announced that he will post a detailed post on August 19 regarding the entire controversy. Sangwan said, “For the last few days a video is going viral due to which I am in controversy and due to this controversy many of my students preparing for judicial service examinations are facing problems. Along with them, I am also facing problems.

In the controversial video Sangwan is referring to, he is appealing to the students to vote for educated candidates next time. Saini has written in this regard in a post on ‘X’ that ‘Unacademy’ is an education platform dedicated to imparting quality education. To do this, we have a strict ‘code of conduct’ for all teachers, which aims to ensure that our students receive knowledge without any discrimination, Saini said. Everything we do, we do with our students at the center. Classroom is not a place where you share personal views as it may affect them (students) negatively. In the present situation, we were forced to leave Karan Sangwan as he violated the code of conduct.

In a post on X, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said, “Is it a crime to appeal to educated people to vote?” If someone is uneducated, I personally respect him. But people’s representatives cannot be uneducated. This is the era of science and technology. Uneducated people’s representatives can never build a modern India of the 21st century.

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