Ujjain rape case accused arrested, leg broken while trying to escape from police custody

After three days, the police has arrested the accused auto driver (Ujjain Rape Case Accused Arrested) in the case of brutality on a 12 to 15 year old girl (Ujjain Rape Case) in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. During investigation, traces of blood were found in the auto. The name of the auto driver is Bharat Soni. According to the police, the accused driver was trying to escape from police custody. During this time his leg got broken due to injury. After which the accused has been brought to the district hospital. Along with the auto driver, the police have also detained 3 other people. However, his name was not disclosed.

Ujjain SP Sachin Sharma said, “We had taken the accused to the spot where the crime was committed. When the police were engaged in their work there, the accused tried to run away. The police chased him.” “Further, the accused fell due to the collision. Two of our policemen also got injured while trying to catch him.”

According to the police, the accused Bharat Soni is a resident of the slum of Ujjain and works as an auto driver. Police said that the accused had raped the girl in Jeevankhedi. However, the arrested accused driver is denying the matter of rape. He says that while helping the girl, he had made her sit in his auto from Jeevankhedi area.

SP Sachin Sharma said that we had formed SIT only after the matter came to light. On the basis of interrogation and CCTV footage, the accused has been arrested. The auto driver found the girl alone. SP Sachin Sharma said that the girl is a special child. She is not able to tell the name of her village and district.

SP Sachin Sharma told that the girl is a resident of a village in Satna district. She had gone missing from home on 24 September. His missing report has been registered in Jaitwara police station of Satna district.

The girl was found in a blood soaked condition on September 25.
The girl was found in a dejected condition on September 25 near Dandi Ashram in Mahakal police station area. His clothes were stained with blood. Blood was coming out from private parts. The girl kept wandering for two and a half hours in the colonies of Sanvarakhedi Simhastha Bypass in half-dressed clothes. Its CCTV footage has been discovered by the police. She walked the full eight kilometres.

The girl had reached Ujjain by train
According to SP Sachin Sharma, the girl had left her house and reached Ujjain by train. She landed at Ujjain railway station at 3 am on Monday. Here he talked to an auto driver. From 5 am to 5 am, the girl is seen in CCTV footage with different auto drivers.

Action should be taken against those who do not help the girl child – Swati Maliwal
On the incident in Ujjain, Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) chief Swati Maliwal has demanded action against those who did not help the girl. He said, ‘Madhya Pradesh Police should immediately arrest the accused and take strictest action. Who are these people who did not feel mercy? When a 12-year-old little girl, naked and drenched in blood, was going from door to door pleading for help, shouldn’t action be taken against such people? What kind of country are we building? Action should be taken against such people also. The case should go to fast track court and the rapist should be hanged. If such incidents continue to happen every other day, then how will our daughters survive and study? I would appeal for strict action and immediate arrest of the accused.

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