To make white hair black, apply this thing mixed with kalonji, the problem of white hair will go away.

White Hair: During aging and many times even before time, the problem of white hair starts. When the hair starts turning white then a white layer starts appearing on the head which is not liked by everyone. Due to this people try to darken the hair. But, applying dye on gray hair affects the texture of the hair and chemical hair dye colors the hair as well as the scalp. On the other hand, hair dye is expensive and do not have to buy dye every month, that’s why people start applying cheap dye on the hair, which also damages the hair. But, here such a home remedy is being given to make white hair black, which shows effect naturally and proves effective in making hair thick, black and soft. This recipe is Kalonji. Know how to blacken hair with kalonji.

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Kalonji for gray hair | Kalonji For White Hair

Kalonji are small black seeds which are used in food. These black seeds are used as a spice. However, the benefits of kalonji are not limited to health only, but it also proves to be amazing for hair. Kalonji seeds contain many essential fatty acids which are effective in hair growth. The anti-inflammatory properties of fennel cleanse the scalp and are also effective in getting rid of dandruff. Use of fennel seeds on the hair also reduces hair damage.

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To remove the problem of white hair, fennel oil can be made by mixing fennel seeds and coconut oil together. White hair starts turning black with this Kalonji oil. To make oil, put fennel seeds in coconut oil and cook this oil for 5 to 10 minutes. When the oil is cooked, cool it and filter it. This oil can be applied on the hair. Apply this oil from the roots to the ends of the hair and after keeping the oil overnight, wash the hair the next morning. Wash hair with any shampoo. After a few days of use, the hair will start turning black from the roots.


There is another way to use kalonji on gray hair. Hair dye can be made by mixing fennel and henna together. To make this hair dye, take Kalonji seeds in a bowl and grind them. Mix henna in it and make a solution with water. Wash it after keeping it on the hair for a few hours. Black and dark color will start appearing on the hair.

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