This was the song that threw Mukesh out of the fun, Mukesh became a star once again.

Singer Mukesh:When it comes to great singers, Mukesh is definitely mentioned. Mukesh had sung many Bollywood songs and given voice to such songs which beautifully expressed the depth of love and the pain of separation. There came a time in Mukesh’s life when he tried his hand in acting also. In this endeavor his stars had come to naught. But, there was also a song which gave Mukesh the fame by which he is recognized even today.

‘This is my madness…’ is a song which is on people’s lips these days. This song, which contains the madness of love, has the pain that can enter anyone’s heart. You must have heard this song sung by Ali Sethi many times on Insta reel or social media, but do you know that the film for which this original song is was released 65 years ago.

Actually, the year was 1958 when the film Yahudi hit the big screen. The lead characters in the film were played by Dilip Kumar and Meena Kumari. There were many great songs in the film but there was one song which won Shailendra the first Filmfare Award for Best Lyricist and brought Mukesh back among the great singers once again. This song was this is my madness. The composer of the song was Shankar Jaikishan with whom Mukesh had also sung songs like Kisi Ki ‘Muskuraton Pe Ho Nisar’ and ‘Sajan Re Jhooth Mat Bolo’.

Before Ali Sethi and after Mukesh, this song was a hit in the voice of Sushila Raman. People liked this song very much in Mira Nair’s film The Namesake, released in 2006.

Ali Sethi sang it in a sweet, sweet voice, Sushila Raman sang it seductively, but there was pain in Mukesh’s voice and a harshness which reaches into the heart as soon as you listen to it. Mukesh used to say, “If I get 10 light songs and 1 sad song, I will leave the 10 songs and sing one sad song.”

So in this way, the lyrics of the songs, despite being filled with feelings like waiting, pain, suffocation, get adapted to different moods with different music. This is also seen in many Hindi serials and films when the same song is recorded differently for different scenes.

Another interesting thing, the film Jew was released in 1958 and the film Amardeep was released in the same year. There is a song in this film of Devanand and Vyajantimala ‘Dekh Hume Awaaz Na Dena’ which matches the music of Yeh Mera Deewanapan to a certain or lesser extent. This song was sung by Asha Bhosle and Mohd. Rafi had given it. By the way, this is my madness also for Dilip Kumar Mohd. Rafi or Talat wanted Mehmood but on the insistence of Shankar Jaikishan, Mukesh got the song and Dilip Kumar himself could not believe how well Mukesh sang it.

This song got popularity among the people in 1958 in the voice of Mukesh, in 2006 also in the voice of Sushila Raman and in 2015 when Ali Sethi sang it in a Pakistani serial and see how people will like this song even in 2023. Making you crazy.

The song that brought Mukesh out of trouble. Bollywood Gold

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