These green leaves will quickly control your increased uric acid, but you will have to chew them daily.

Healthy green leaves : Seeing the green trees and plants, everyone’s heart becomes happy. It not only gives a lot of relief to your eyes but also to your mind. Sometimes the mind is sad, then taking a walk in the garden of the house gives refreshment. Let us tell you that apart from giving mental happiness, trees and plants can also act as a cure for many diseases, you must be wondering how. In fact, the leaves of some plants and trees have such medicinal properties, whose chewing gives relief in serious diseases ranging from blood sugar to uric acid. For the time being, we are going to tell about which leaves chewing can be beneficial in uric acid.

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Which leaf to chew in uric acid

By chewing betel leaf, the increased purine level in the body comes under control. Toxins come out easily by eating this. So in this context, chewing this leaf is beneficial.

Coriander leaves also control your uric. Inflammatory properties are found in it, which gives relief from joint pain found in uric acid.


By chewing drumstick leaves, the increased uric acid in your body comes under control. This causes a drop in creatinine. You can also chew curry leaves.


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can also try this

Just take fresh leaves of Giloy and keep them soaked overnight. Now take it out of the water in the morning and grind it in a mixer. Now boil this paste in a glass of water till it reduces to half. After this, filter it and drink it sip by sip. If you consume it daily, you will be able to control the increased uric level very quickly.

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