These 4 flour breads should be eaten in summer, the body remains cool and the immune system is also boosted.

The summer season has knocked. The cold in the morning and night will end soon and the heat will wreak havoc. In such a situation, it is necessary that to keep our body cool, we should consume such things which can keep your stomach and body cool. You must have eaten millet, maize bread in the winter season but you cannot consume them in the summer season. Therefore, in the summer season, you should include such flour in your diet which can help in keeping your body cool. So let’s know which are the flours that cool the body in the summer season.

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4 grains with cold effect. Top 4 Healthy Flour for Summers

1. Wheat flour

Roti is such a food which is made at least twice in every household. Please tell that use wheat flour only in summer, it will help in keeping the body cool.

2. Gram flour

The effect of protein-rich gram is also cool. In summer, flour made from it also helps in keeping your body cool and it is also very beneficial for health.

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3. Barley flour

Barley water is consumed to keep the stomach cool. Let us tell you that just like barley water, its flour can also help in cooling the body. Apart from this, its consumption is also beneficial for diabetes and cancer patients. That’s why in summer, eat rotis made of this flour.

4. Jowar flour

Like barley, jowar is also beneficial for health. Jowar flour has a cooling effect. Along with keeping the body cool, it provides relief in phlegm and helps in reducing weight and removing fatigue.

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