The patient cheated the doctor, fake note of 500 was caught in the name of fees

Just some time ago, RBI announced the closure of 2000 rupee note, after which 500 and 200 rupee notes have started running more in the market, but these days the business of fake notes is also at its peak and now there is a problem in its grip. The poor doctor also came. Yes, recently orthopedic doctor Manan Vohra shared a post on his social media account and told how he was duped in the name of paying a patient fee and a fake 500 note was caught.

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Doctor said I will never forget this incident

Orthopedic doctor Manan Vohra shared a photo on the recently launched meta’s new app Threads, in which a note of ₹ 500 is visible, but when you look at this note carefully, it is written on it that, it is only It is for school project. Sharing this photo, the doctor wrote that, a patient actually paid for the fees using this note. My receptionist checked it out (because frankly you don’t expect it), but it just goes to show how far people can go. Even if the doctor has to cheat for this. The doctor also said that, by the way, I laughed a lot and I have kept this note with me, because it is a funny memory. However, I was definitely robbed of ₹ 500.

Users said – to laugh at this or to console

This post of Dr. Manan Vohra is becoming increasingly viral on social media and thousands of people have liked this post till now. A user has written that we should laugh at this or console you. Another user wrote that it is a wrong thing to do with the doctor. So many users wrote that it is very difficult to identify this fake note. While commenting funny, a user wrote that, it seems that the patient is very inspired by the fake web series.

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