The doll with which we used to play in childhood is prepared like this in the factory, video going viral

Many of us have played with dolls in our childhood. But, have you ever wondered how they are made? So let’s see, because a video going viral on social media shows the process of making dolls on a large scale.

This video has been shared by Instagram kolkatareviewstar. In the caption of the post, he wrote, “Barbie doll is being made in the factory.” When the clip is opened, molten liquid is poured into the molds to form the doll’s face and body. The rest of the process refers to how the final products are assembled and finally packaged.

Watch Video:

This post was shared 6 days ago. It has been viewed over 14 million times since being posted. Many likes and comments have also come on this share. Many people told in the comments that they used to play with these dolls in their childhood.

One person wrote, “I love these dolls.” Another said, “I miss playing with them.” “My favorite childhood barbie,” commented a third. A fourth wrote, “These kinds of dolls are cheap and they are not barbie level. But they have created a lot of childhood. Whether you all like it or not, these guys are heroes.” A fifth wrote, “It’s the exact same doll which my mother had when she was a child.”

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