The child taught the lesson of humanity by safely rescuing the badly trapped crow. watch video

Many times, not only adults, even small children give a big lesson in life. In the video that we are going to share with you today, a child has taught a lesson to those people who are slowly forgetting humanity. In this video, this child is seen saving the life of a bird. The child saved the life of a crow trapped on the football net and left it in the open sky, seeing which people are praising him on social media.

 The child set an example of humanity

Presenting the example of humanity, a video is in the headlines these days. The video is of a child who is seen in school uniform. Showing humanity, the child saved the life of a crow trapped in the football net. In the video you can see that the crow is entangled in the net in such a way that it is difficult to get it out easily. Only then, while extending a helping hand, the schoolboy comes out of the net after a lot of effort. After taking it out, the child holds the crow in his hand and waits for some time and leaves it to fly in the open sky.

Users said – this is the rites of the child

Instead of helping the blood-soaked people, most people pass by ignoring them. Or after being a victim of an accident, instead of saving that person, people are seen making videos on mobile. We often keep watching such videos on social media, seeing which the blood boils, but this video is giving peace to the heart. This video has been posted from Vikas Mohta’s Twitter account. Seeing this video which is becoming increasingly viral on the Internet, people are showering love on the child. Some are telling the child to be kind and some are saying that this is true humanity. An internet user said that it is the manners of the child which are seen in this video today.

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