The child made an amazing balance on a one wheel cycle, seeing the talent, people tied the bridge of praise

Child Stunt On One Wheel Cycle: There are many such people all over the world, who sometimes surprise people with their talent, and sometimes their juggling makes people think. Recently, a video of such a talented child (Children Stunt Video) viral on social media is attracting the attention of people these days, in which a child is seen balancing on a one wheel cycle very comfortably.

Recently, a viral video of a child is creating a buzz on the internet, in which the public is becoming a fan of the child after seeing his talent. This amazing video has been shared on the social media platform X by an account named @TansuYegen. In this 34-second video, a child is seen sitting on a one-wheel cycle. During this, one of his feet is seen on the pedal of the bicycle, while on the other foot a small pot and bowls are seen placed on it. Not only this, in the meanwhile the child has kept a bowl on his head as well.

watch video here

It can be seen in the video that how the child is balancing with one leg and driving the cycle back and forth, which is surprising to see. In the video, the child is seen tossing the pot placed on the leg. The bowls placed on the pot are also seen bouncing along with it, which has been shown in slow motion. This video, shared on August 26, has seen 4.2 million people so far, while lakhs of people have liked the video.

Users who have seen the video are not tired of praising the child. One user wrote, ‘Give him a medal.’ Another user wrote, ‘If you make a balance in life, you can never fall.’ The third user wrote, ‘Talent.’

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