Strictness to prevent air pollution: There will be a ban on the use of diesel generators in Delhi-NCR from October 1.

If you live in Delhi-NCR, then you should keep in mind that after September 30, you cannot use diesel generator sets for electricity. This step has been taken to prevent increasing air pollution in Delhi. Due to this, lakhs of people of Delhi NCR are going to face problems. The use of diesel generators for electricity in Delhi NCR will stop from October 1. This is going to cause problems to lakhs of people of Delhi NCR who are dependent on diesel generators in some way or the other.

Diesel generators run in the society when the lights go off. You have also paid for this. All things are going well with this but what will you do when it gets banned. Now the problem will increase because the deadline given by the government in this regard has not been implemented yet. Let us tell you that the Commission for Air Quality Management (CAQM), which keeps an eye on air pollution in Delhi NCR, gave this instruction. Under this, diesel gensets were banned in all sectors in Delhi NCR. They can no longer be used in industrial, commercial, residential or office areas.

A complete ban on generators will come into effect from October 1. Graded Response Action Plan is being implemented in Delhi NCR from October 1, under which as pollution increases, the restrictions will become stricter. In June this year, a directive from CAQM had come asking for alternative arrangements by 30th September. Last year, concessions were given in many sectors. Constantly asked to install dual mode fuel i.e. this type of genset which runs on gas as well as diesel. For retrofitment of emission control devices, it has also been said that you should install them so that pollution is reduced.

The Air Quality Management Commission gave instructions in this regard several times from 2022 to 2023. But it has been difficult to implement these instructions because most of the people do not know what technical changes should be made for the use of CNG or PNG in the diesel genset. In such a situation, it is very natural for people in Delhi NCR to be worried. But in big societies there was information that something like this was coming, preparations could have been made, but now they were not done.

Why is there a problem now? You should know some of the main reasons for this and how it will bring a huge difference in your and my life. If the number one side light goes out, lifts in multi-storey buildings may stop. Most lifts have a backup diesel genset in case the lights go out. Not only this, emergency services in hospitals may also be affected. Like problems may arise in ICU and operation theatre. Work in factories and offices may be affected.

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