Seeing the lizard suddenly entering the office, the staff got lost, employees climbed on the chairs and tables out of fear

Just imagine, if you are busy in some work in the office and suddenly a lizard comes out there, that too not a small one but a huge lizard, then what will be your reaction. It is natural that you too will lose your bits and pieces. Recently, a similar video is surfacing on social media, seeing which even the users are getting goosebumps out of fear.

To make the situation worse, in the beginning of this video it can be seen how some people from the office are seen sitting on chairs. During this time, a different fear is visible on his face. Actually, a big lizard comes in front of them, seeing which they feel bad. Meanwhile, some people quickly stand on the table. It can be seen in the video where the lizard is moving inwards. The staff is running outside.

Watch video here

This video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with an account named failarmy, which is being viewed and shared a lot. This video, which was shared on February 28 this year, has been liked by more than 31 thousand people so far. Users who have watched the video are giving different types of reactions on it.

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