Road Trip: Never eat these 6 foods if you go on a road trip, otherwise your health may deteriorate

Road Trip: Hill stations, cool air, beautiful valleys, mountains and waterfalls all come in front of the eyes on hearing the name of the trip. On the other hand, when it comes to road trips, the fun doubles. Road trips are always full of adventures. If you also like to travel to the mountains by road, then it is very important for you to take care of some things before starting your journey. Apart from packing woolen clothes and shoes for the hill station, you also have to plan your food. By the way, eating outside food on a road trip is its own pleasure and one has to eat outside, but if something wrong is eaten, then the whole trip can be ruined. During a road trip, you have to avoid certain food items that can cause sickness and indigestion on your way. Here we are giving you information about those food items which should be avoided during road trip…

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Avoid 6 Foods items on a Road Trip

oily food

Smooth and oily foods should be avoided while traveling to hill stations. The reason being that such foods are high in carbohydrates and fats, which are not good for your stomach and cause poor digestion. Food items like pakodas, aloo tikki, chips, fries or fried chicken should be avoided during your journey.

Chicken Mutton

Avoid eating butter chicken, mutton rogan josh, or chicken tikka masala during road trips. The reason why meat or fish can take up to two days to digest completely is because they contain complex proteins and fats. Instead, eat something light.

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Buffets may look tempting while traveling through curvy mountain roads, but it is not a good idea to eat this food. Overeating may cause indigestion, bloating or gas. It is very important to keep strict control over your diet during the journey.

dairy products

Dairy products can make you sick during road trips. If you are hypersensitive to milk, cheese, cream, ice cream, then these foods can increase your motion sickness. Therefore, dairy-based products or drinking milk should be avoided, especially if you are traveling by car or bus.

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carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks or soda contain high sugar which can cause heartburn. Fizzy drinks such as colas, sodas and others can cause intestinal gas and discomfort. Remember if the journey is long then consume water, because nothing is better than water.


Drunk driving may sound exciting to some, but doing so can be dangerous. Consuming alcohol during the trip can make you dizzy and increase the chances of motion sickness. Beer, Vodka, Whiskey etc should be avoided during road trip.


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