Passengers clashed with each other for seat in Mumbai local train, video went viral

A recently viral video showing a heated altercation between two men fighting for a seat in a packed Mumbai local train has sparked a debate on social media. In the video, a scuffle broke out between two commuters in what appeared to be a scramble for limited seating space in Mumbai’s overcrowded local trains.

But, what caught people’s attention was not just the fight itself, but the remarkable intervention of a fellow passenger who acted as a peacemaker, preventing the situation from escalating further.

Watch Video:

As soon as the video went viral, comparisons between Mumbai local and Delhi Metro started on the internet. Delhi Metro, which often hits headlines for brawls, awkward situations and viral videos, seems to have found its match in the form of Mumbai local train controversy.

Looks like Mumbai’s local trains can give tough competition to the strange conditions of Delhi Metro. what do you say?

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