Pakistan’s former PM Imran Khan suspected of assassination, said- “My arrest is part of London plan”

former prime minister of pakistan And Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan accused the federal government of planning his arrest as part of a “London plan” to eliminate all cases against the country’s former prime minister Nawaz Sharif. In a video message, Imran said, ‘This is part of London’s plan. In this, an agreement has been signed to put Imran in jail, demolish PTI and end all cases against Nawaz Sharif.

Imran Khan further said that he could not understand the reason behind the attack on the people, as he had already assured that he would appear in the court on March 18. These comments of Imran Khan came amid tension prevailing in Lahore in the early hours of Wednesday. More security forces have been called at the Zaman Park residence of PTI chairman for the arrest of Imran Khan. PTI supporters and the police have been fighting for the arrest of Imran Khan for more than 14 hours.

Calling on supporters to “come out”
Imran Khan said that he had given an undertaking (muchalka) to the president of the Lahore High Court Bar Association to prevent any kind of anarchy. The President of the Bar Association tried to give it to the DIG who was coming to arrest the PTI chief, but he refused to take it. Imran said, “According to section 76 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, if this surety bond is given to the arresting officer, then I cannot be arrested.” The PTI chief said the DIG had no reason for not accepting the undertaking and this pointed to his ulterior motive. Imran called on his supporters to “come out” after police used tear gas and water cannon on supporters outside Zaman Park, leading to protests in Islamabad, Peshawar and Karachi.

many roads jammed
According to a Sama English report, the Punjab Police used more water cannons on both sides of Canal Road and fired tear gas shells at PTI workers. In Peshawar, a large number of PTI supporters demonstrated outside the Press Club. After the protest, PTI workers blocked Shershah Suri Road and started marching towards Governor’s House. Islamabad Police said that PTI protesters had blocked Tarnol Road but timely action was taken to reopen it for traffic. A police officer said, “A case has been registered at Tarnol police station against the PTI workers who blocked the road on the orders of Imran Khan.”

Following this, Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted that the “real intention” of the Pakistan police was to kidnap and kill him and that the plan to arrest him was “just a drama”. Khan today tweeted videos of the shootings, saying they proved the “malicious intent” of the police. Imran Khan tweeted, “Clearly the claim of ‘arrest’ was mere drama, as the real intention is to kidnap and kill. After tear gas and water cannons, now resorting to firing. I posted a bond last evening.” But the DIG refused to accept it as well. Now there is no doubt about their malicious intent.” Criticizing the “Establishment” (as the Pakistan Army is commonly called) for sending paramilitary forces to deal with PTI supporters, Imran said, “”Is this neutrality? Rangers facing off against unarmed protesters and the leadership of the largest political party?

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