Neither Kashmir, nor Shimla… these pictures are of Madhya Pradesh, the weather has changed the scene

In Madhya Pradesh on Sunday, heavy rain and hailstorm in many areas caused heavy damage to the crops, while the temperature dropped. Hail fell in many areas, spread such a white sheet on the roads and fields that the view looked like after snowfall in the hilly areas of Kashmir and Himachal.

In Dindori district of Madhya Pradesh, there was heavy rain and hailstorm on Sunday. There is news of complete destruction of crops due to hailstorm in many villages of Bajag development block. The state highway in Shahdol, neighboring district of Dindori, was seen covered with hail. Due to this traffic was also affected. Due to the hail, the state highway and the fields looked completely white. The hailstorm and rain have ruined the crops standing in the field. According to the local people, plum-sized hail fell continuously for about half an hour. In Khargone district too, hailstorm wreaked havoc on the crops.

Heavy hailstorm caused heavy damage to crops in the villages of Bajag development block of Dindori district of Madhya Pradesh. The crops have ripened in the fields and they have to be harvested.


Plum-sized hail fell on the state’s Shahdol-Pandaria State Highway. This affected the traffic. The fields adjacent to the State Highway were covered with a white sheet of hail.


Unseasonal rain and hailstorm in and around Kakoda, a remote hilly area of ​​Jhirnya in Khargone district, today gave a Kashmir-like view. Only snow was visible on the road, in the barns and in the courtyards of the houses. Here too there has been heavy damage to the crops.

In the hilly village Kakoda of Khargone district and its surrounding areas, a white sheet of snow was spread on the ground due to hailstorm in the evening. Due to heavy hailstorm accompanied by strong wind and rain, there was heavy damage to the crops. Everyone was surprised by the scenes that appeared after the hailstorm. It is being told that plum-sized hail fell with strong wind and rain for about an hour. At many places the harvested crops of wheat were seen floating in the water.


Farmers are most worried about this disaster that rained from the sky. On the one hand harvesting of wheat and gram is going on in Khargone district, on the other hand there is a possibility of major damage to the crops due to unseasonal rains. Farmers are expecting compensation from the government.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) had said yesterday that there is a possibility of unseasonal rain and hailstorm in the next few days due to western disturbance. The Meteorological Department has also advised the farmers of Punjab, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh not to harvest wheat and other Rabi crops.

Delhi and surrounding areas also received rain and hailstorm over the weekend. Some parts of Gujarat have also received unseasonal rains.

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