Jodhpur: Man suffering from ‘Chronic Pancreatitis’ successfully operated in government hospital, surgery lasted for 5 hours

Jodhpur, which is emerging as a new medical hub in the country, is continuously setting new records in the field of medicine. Where on Wednesday, the doctors of Mahatma Gandhi Hospital belonging to Dr. Sampurnanand Medical College, Jodhpur again performed a new charisma. Where A patient suffering from severe pancreatic disease ‘Chronic Pancreatitis’ for 12 years was relieved by complex surgery.

Dr. Dinesh Chowdhary, Assistant Professor and Head of the Department of Gastro Surgery, MGH, said that the patient was suffering from this disease for the last 12 years. Where in this disease, there is continuous unbearable sharp pain in the stomach, due to non-digestion of food, smooth stool used to come out and the patient also had diabetes.

During this, the patient showed to various doctors of Jodhpur, then in the treatment, ‘chronic pancreatitis’ was confirmed, along with this, stones were also formed in the patient’s pancreas, for which three attempts were made to insert a stent in the duct of the pancreas, but After not getting success, the patient showed Dr.Dinesh of MGH where he was advised for operation. Under the Chiranjeevi scheme of the state government, the patient’s operation was also done completely free of cost, along with this it is the first such surgery in the government hospital of Jodhpur division.

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